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Mono or Hominidae Pilus Hair is a bad instrumental and sylvan drink that is prepared based on some ingredients that come from a deranged selection. For their preparation, we leave you see the guts of concoction: Ingredients A tablespoon of Rock and Roll 100 mg Country 6 meters Rhythm and Blues Surf bucket very turbid A fractal variable from Sci Fi and Exotica Preparation: First in a glass poured the Mala Sombra, then add 6 drops of Mongolism Absurd. A delay of eight repetitions where Hipnosis wave is mixed, with a percussion Primate is used. this cocktail with mystery complete and Darkness is added to taste with a splash of something gross and Responsive (works like a sweet and sour sauce). This bad shot is enhanced by alcohol. Its consumption is mainly in bars and cages.
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