Primal blues-rock duo THE PICTUREBOOKS are Fynn Claus Grabke [vocals, guitar] and Philipp Mirtschink [drums] perform their blues-saturated heavy rock. The duo has received acclaim not only on their 2014 full-length 'Imaginary Horse' (RidingEasy Records), but also for their craft of building and customizing motorcycles, and their skateboarding skills. The band has been featured on Noisey/Vice, Team Rock, Daytrotter, and more, and the group's motorcycle designs have been featured in the biggest bike magazines across the world, including Easyriders (USA), Custombike (Germany), Dice Magazine (UK), Hot Bike (Japan), and more. "The Picturebooks' sound is as distinct as the smell of burnt motor oil coming off the sun-baked California desert highway," explains Another Century's VP of A&R Mike Gitter. "They are at once completely unique, musically unforgettable, and tapped into the psyche of rock n' roll at its most primal. We had to get involved with these raw riders of the sonic highway." With a rigorous touring history, the band has played alongside Eagles of Death Metal, Kadavar, The Answer, and more, as well as performed at Riot Fest (Chicago, Denver; USA), Governor's Ball (New York, USA), and Sziget (Hungary). Their next album comes out March 10th 2017 and the Band will embark on a long European-Tour with "Monster Truck" from Canada.   The Reverend Deadeye is the Reverend’s son of a Reverend’s son. He spent his youth handlin’ snakes and performin’ at tent revivals alongside his Pentecostal family on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. This sacred musical heritage finds its way prominently into his performances. But don’t expect a Sunday mornin’ church service; instead, expect a Saturday night baptism with fire holy rollin’ revival. With his modified wok-lid resonator guitar, homemade beer can microphone, kick drum, and washtub snare, he delivers a punk-rock version of gritty pre-war delta blues which he blends with fiery gospel interpretations capable of turnin’ the whole room into a spirit filled bar room revival.   THE VAGOOS are four young delinquents from a boring small town in the deep center of the conservative swamplands of Bavaria/Germany. From their early days on they`ve been hangin out at the rehearsal room, which used to be the bassplayer`s living room located in the building complex of the local brewery, distilling their own vision of fast & rough Garage Rock n Roll: Loud and annoying Fuzz Guitars, slippery drippin wet surf strings, wild & out of control drums and a freaked out bass! The Vagoos never cared about any hip-scene shit - they leave you dancing and shouting your miserable soul out of your miserable body with a big grin on your face! They shared international stages with The Monsters, Reverend Beat-Man,The Bonnevilles, Juke Joint Pimps, James Leg, The Teamsters, Las Aspiradoras, The Devils and many other cool bands.   The Approved make a sound that has been described as Black Sabbath playing blues covers at a psychedelic love in. There are only two of them but they sound like four men.  Their heavy yet melodic sound is reminiscent of many classic genres, but what they create is something powerful and moving in it's own right. The band formed after the break up of Tim's band, The High Plane Drifters, a garage two- piece who had music used in TV shows such as Breaking Bad, CSI Miami, Shameless (US Version) and Sons of Anarchy. They also played and toured with bands such as the Soledad Brothers, The Immortal Lee County Killers, The Black Diamond Heavies, The Hentchmen, Dooley Wilson, James Leg, Pearlene, Bob Log III, the Mooney Suzuki and many others. Their live act is captivating and has a direct and hard-hitting impact that very few other bands manage to achieve; even with double their numbers!! This band are local legends in their home area of Teesside in the North East of England, it is time for the world to see and hear that too.   The Shady Greys are an Amsterdam based dirty blues-garage duo with a lo-fi approach, using only a cajon and feet played percussions (no drums). They’re all about rough guitar riffs, frantic vocals and high energy. Societal discontent and simplicity is the norm both in the studio and on stage. Since their debut in 2012, they’ve played live shows all over the Netherlands and some abroad (France, Germany, Switzerland & Belgium) - anything from the empty bar to the 650 people sold out venue. In 2014, they were selected for the largest touring festival in the Netherlands - the Popronde - where they played 15 shows. Notable clubs they played are Paradiso, Patronaat, Vera, Asteriks, DB’s and Bitterzoet with support gigs for bands like Mac Demarco, DeWolff, Girl Band, Reverend Deadeye, James Leg, King Mudd and more. They also appeared on several national and international Radio Stations (including Amsterdam’s legendary "Red Light Radio") Their latest EP “Follow” was released in September 2015. Their first full length album will be released on Kroese records (NL) in 2017. PRESS: "loved from Jack and Meg White. That dirty, garage-rock sound, high-pitch guitar riffs bouncing off the walls, screaming those lyrics making me want to lose my shit." 50thirdand3rd "This Amsterdam, Netherlands, duo electrified my ear rock modules with jetting riff rockets, ‘wailing and sailing’ vocal superbs along with‘stomping and romping’ rhythm jumps throughout." Forksterocks Albträume in Fuckmoll Verwischter Geisterhausblues und grimmige Oden an Verblichene. Das ist jetzt wieder so einer. Einer, der aussieht, als käme er aus dem Kohlebergwerk. Dabei stammt er von dort, wo sie es sich leisten können, zum Spaß so auszuschauen, aus Berlin. Er heißt Dennis Grimm und arbeitet als Brother Grimm. Da denkt man natürlich an die Brüder selben Namens und ihre prächtigen Albtraumlieferanten für kleine und große Kinder. Und das ist kein Zufall. Denn auch dieser Bruder Grimm widmet sich Albträumen, doch sind die seinen akustischer Natur. Brother Grimm ist auch ein Schöngeist, denn seine Geisterblues-Gstanzlen mäandern durchaus ins Balladenfach rüber, Damenbekanntschaft ist beim Konzert deshalb nicht im Vorhinein auszuschließen. Immerhin titelt sogar das Eröffnungslied seines aktuellen Albums Woman, wobei es sich angesichts des verwittert düsteren Sounds wohl um eine Ode an eine Verblichene handeln dürfte, Ruhe sanft. Seinen Geisterhausblues spielt Grimm mit grimmigen Rhythmen, anämischen Gitarren und einem Gesang, dem man straffrei einen Nachtwächterjob in einer Tuberkuloseheilanstalt andichten darf. Es klingt also ziemlich interessant, wenn er I Am Afraid of Germany singt, Brothers and Sisters beschwört oder die Kompostierungsaufforderung Take Your Idols & Turn Em Into Flowers durch das Mikro stöhnt. Es ist eine einfache Kunst und sie ist überzeugend. Sie funktioniert seit der Bible Belt an die Stromversorgung angeschlossen wurde und ein Bloßfüßiger zum ersten Mal beim Schwarzbrennen einen Stromschlag erleiden musste. Bruzel, Knister, Bumm. So viel Klischee muss sein, und so viel Klischee soll auch sein. (Karl Fluch/ Der Standard) "King for a day fool for a lifetime", heißt es. Nicht so beim aktuellen Album von Brother Grimm, der einen Buchstaben tauscht und dadurch so zu einer ganz anderen Bedeutung gelangt: "King for a day cool for a lifetime". Das soeben fertiggestellte gleichnamige Album bietet dunkelgrau gefärbten Songwriter-Rock, der mit reduzierten Arrangements knietief im Blues watet. Allerdings nicht in der klassischen Spielart, sondern in der krachigen Interpretation, wie man sie etwa von australischen Acts der 1980er-Jahre kennt. Sanftmut ist zwischendurch auch möglich oder überhaupt gleich atmosphärisches Wegdriften wie im elfeinhalbminütigen Form- und Stilausreißer "Take Yr Idols & Turn Em Into Flowers". ( Nach seiner Zeit bei der Band Sandy Bird, wandelt Sänger und Gitarrist Dennis Grimm jetzt also als "Brother Grimm" auf Solopfaden. Er kommt inzwischen deutlich direkter und mitunter auch agressiver daher. Er befindet sich zwischen den Zeilen, zwischen den Genres. Er ist lauter als zuvor und leiser. Und er ist allein. "When that hella chugga bass driven ear pumping metal comes along twenty five seconds into it you know you're in for something special."  - NEW NOIZE magazine 2015 Driven by the huge success of their eponymous debut record, which was recorded in Spain's mystic Bardenas desert and released in 2011 the Bordelais were quickly invited to play on the largest European stages with Kyuss Lives!, Dinosaur Jr, Sleep, and renowned festivals such as Eurockéennes de Belfort (Fr) Hellfest (Fr), Roadburn (NL), London and Berlin Desertfests, Sziget Festival (Hun), SXSW (USA) and many more , leading them to play 300 shows in the next 5 years, opening for various acts such as SLEEP, French major band DETROIT, DINOSAUR JR or KILLING JOKE. Bordeaux - France 's MARS RED SKY 's  second album 'Stranded in Arcadia' described a journey in a sapphire vessel to an imaginary place called 'Arcadia'. Masters in cultivating  fuzzy, distorted massive sounding heaviness contrasted with ethereal high range melodic vocals, MARS RED SKY have become much of an intriguing curiosity over the recent years  as Classic Rock (UK) illustrated as "Between doom rock and sky - scraping 70s psyche pop,  with utter abandon (….) A record that will put hair on your feet !" . Worldwide press has been roaring usually pointing out  the band's "Charisma and consistency in quality song writing and execution" as in THE SLEEPING SHAMAN webzine described. Also as THE OBELISK passionately wrote "One of the best and most distinct acts in or out of heavy psychedelia " or as ABOUT.COM confirmed : "A fantastic voyage!". MARS RED SKY's brand new album 'Apex III - Praise for the Burning Soul' pushes boundaries further into a colossal heavy sound - Produced by Gabriel Zander (from Brasil who also engineered 'Stranded in Arcadia') and Jacob Dennis in Studio Cryogene in Bègles in France -   The band has forged grandiose and hypnotizing thickly produced songs rooted through a wider range of musical influences stretching from Robert Wyatt, The Beatles, Nick Drake, Neil young to bands like Electric Wizard, Acid King and obviously Black Sabbath. The album lyrical content deals with various themes : opener 'the Whinery' depicts the cynism of the manipulating Kings and Queens in this absurd and chaotic world . Title track 'Apex III' tells about the band leaving the planet to other galaxies on board of their sapphire vessel, leaving the world in dismay while fighting against their own inner demons. Heavily permeated by a thriller written by Jon Conelly : 'The Burning Soul' during the recording sessions , or  Claire North 'The first fifteen lives of Harry August' :  each time Harry August dies, he is reborn in exactly the same time and exactly the same place, a child with all the knowledge of a life he has lived a dozen times before. MARS RED SKY is a fully accomplished artist who welcomes every listener to their unique world.   catl.  are a rock n’ roll duo hailing from Toronto with a reputation for getting people off their asses to do a little drinkin’ and dancin’. They have released 4 full-length records to critical acclaim and toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada since 2010. In December 2015 the band completed their first ever European tour spanning 6 countries, gaining new fans from Brussels to Serbia. catl. features Jamie Fleming bashing away on his 40’s Gretsch, while Sarah Kirkpatrick holds down a steady, dirty groove on the 2-piece drum kit. This super-charged couple have been lauded for their intense live performances and engaging stage presence. catl. has shared the stage with Alabama Shakes, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Sadies, Andre Williams and The Reigning Sound. They have played The Montreal International Jazz Festival, NXNE, SXSW, Pop Montreal,  Sled Island Music Festival as well as the Deep Blues Festivalin Bayport, Minnesota. “catl. can pull dancers to their feet, shake a sweaty room silly and convince you that maybe another tequila before last call isn’t such a bad idea afterall. Add in the mix a small shot of Kraut Rock, blend it with a few psychedelic riffs and  throw it into the deep sea of Rock'n'Roll...What you end up with, is Screaming Dead Balloons, an 'out of the box' act performing free style music with no boundaries. Νoise psychedelic trio, all the way from Larissa, Greece. The 'loons have already in their CV two LP's (12"LP <Screaming Dead Balloons> (2014) and 10"EP <Banana Blue> (2015)) plus a split 7" single and they have made their mark in the Greek Underground scene, as they are now ready for a third, even more promising, attempt...Their live performances are distinguished by shear energy, creating a sound wall of dynamic guitars and captivating drum'n'bass! Lonesome Shack started in the early 2000’s when songwriter Ben Todd developed his musical voice in the isolation of rural New Mexico. After moving to Seattle in 2007, Todd teamed up with drummer Kristian Garrard and they found an instant chemistry. As a duo they released Bound To Die (2008) and Slidin Boa (2010) and brought their primitive boogie to every corner of the USA. In 2011, Lonesome Shack were joined by bassist Luke Bergman and the trio released the live album City Man (2012), which was recorded in one night at their favorite neighborhood bar, Cafe Racer. With More Primitive (2014), Lonesome Shack continued to hone their skills as an elemental rock group: stripped down, raw, expressive and danceable. Lonesome Shack’s latest album The Switcher is their most ambitious and complete work yet. The Switcher’s 14 songs add dimension to the band’s vision. The album is by turns dirty and raucous or slow and expansive, with resonant lyrics and inventive songwriting. The record was recorded with Johnny Goss, who also manned the board for More Primitive, and an effort was made to make the music sound just as it does at a live show. The album took over a year to complete, pieced together from three different periods of recording sessions. The sounds and feels are varied, but the message is clear – everything is held together by the groove. The Jack Wood - siberian garage-protopunk-blues band. Mostly famous by powerfull and unpredictable live performances. This rough, full of darkness, smoke and whiskey trio conquered stages of Glastonbury Festival (England), "The International Film Festival Rotterdam", "Cinema for peace" (Berlin) and the most popular festivals of Russia. Also, The Jack Wood have collaborated with famous musicians like Richard Hell, Lenny Kaye, Mark Ribot, Nick Zinner, Pussy Riot and Le Tigre in New York and perform on one stage with Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth in London. In five years of their career they released three albums ("Jack Wood", "Deus" and "Ritual") and three singles ("Cave Rats, "Vice / Stoned" and "Keep On Going"), which were highly rated by the critics and listeners. Trashed-out punk/blues duo Left Lane Cruiser has been making records for over a decade, and along with their music being featured in many hit television series such as Banshee, Breaking Bad, and Nashville, they have been receiving critical acclaim across the globe. Left Lane Cruiser have toured relentlessly over the years, sharing the stage with artists such as Robert Balfour, T Model Ford, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Bob Log III and many others. "You can practically feel the cannabis resin dripping off the wall while listening to this album, which is even bigger, louder, and dirtier that much of Left Lane Cruiser's previous work." – ALL MUSIC